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Software Engineer, Backend - Business Platform



Software Engineering
Jakarta, Indonesia
Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Company Description

About Grab and our workplace

Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading superapp. We are dedicated to improving the lives of millions of users across the region by providing them everyday services such as deliveries, mobility, financial services, enterprise services and others. More than that, we provide the opportunity for them to have a better life. And that aspiration starts inside Grab because we believe in a seamless blend of work and home life, making every aspect of life better for all.

Guided by The Grab Way, which spells out our mission, how we believe we can achieve it, and our operating principles—the 4Hs: Heart, Hunger, Honour and Humility—we work to create economic empowerment for the people of Southeast Asia. With our unwavering commitment to our values, we believe that we're more than a service provider; we're agents of positive change.

Job Description

Get to know Merchant Experience Tech Family

At Business Platform our goal is to make merchants happy, and help them thrive in their business. We support all businesses, between tiny merchants (like a warung or hawker) and big, international franchises. Merchants have a lot of different businesses: restaurants, supermarkets, fashion, online stores, people who sell on social media, and many more. We level the playing field between tiny merchants and big merchants by giving them the same tools to grow their business, to attract customers, to become more efficient and be able to concentrate on what they do best inside one GrabMerchant Super App and Portal. If you go to a restaurant, chances are high you have seen some of the products of our team already.

We have millions of very different merchant end-users who earn money in Southeast Asia that use our tools: cashiers, store owners, managers, merchant back office for marketing, and reporting. Stability, quality and innovation to engage more customers are the most important qualities for them running their business. Our tools collect and analyze billions of transactions every month that lead to merchant insights on how they can improve their business.

We are a distributed team with two thirds in Indonesia, and third in Singapore. Our communication is in English, both in spoken and written form. Our team has direct end-user contact, and impact on the bottom line for merchants and thus, Grab

Get to know the role

We are seeking talented & passionate Engineers to join our team, you will have opportunities to work on multiple backend services as well as participating in merchant immersions, talking directly to the end-users, identifying their challenges and how we can help them in their work life. It is very important that our team members take initiatives to identify problems, and have the right mindset and skill sets to solve them.

The Day-to-Day Activities

  • You use technology to solve well defined problems, building individual components or features based on well defined tasks. You understand the requirements of your projects and use that understanding in your designs. You understand your codebase and systems, ensuring reliability through design reviews, monitoring, alerting, and applying OE (Operational Excellence) standards.
  • You take ownership of your code and ensure it’s readable, maintainable, and well-tested. You understand and apply the appropriate data structures and algorithms. You give clear, actionable feedback during code reviews and respond well to feedback from others.
  • You respond promptly to issues and keep the working team constantly updated. Your tasks are delivered on time and with high quality, and you’re able to explain your solutions to other technical stakeholders through both verbal and written communication.


The Must-Haves

  • You can write clean code in any language (C++, C, Java, Scala, Rust, Haskell, OCaml, Erlang, Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.JS, C#, etc.), and are willing to learn Golang
  • Ability to write functionally correct, modular, readable and maintainable code
  • Awareness of basic security concepts
  • Understanding of common data structures and common algorithms
  • A good understanding of the clean architecture principles