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410 Medical is a medical device company dedicated to developing innovative products that enable clinicians to improve care for critically ill patients. LifeFlow® PLUS, 410's recently approved product, is designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of volume resuscitation, improving care for patients with life-threatening conditions such as sepsis, hemorrhage and cardiac arrest.
Acre is a new and better way to purchase and care for your home. With Acre you can enjoy all the best parts of homeownership, without the headaches. Acre delivers a new experience powered by innovations in technology, finance, and operations that make home ownership delightful.
Alpha EMC
Alpha EMC
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We are a corporation that has served clients for over 17 years. We are a full service Erosion Control, Land Services, Street Sweeping and SWPPP Compliance company providing cost effective and need based solutions to our clients. We believe in integrity, responsiveness, quality of work and going the extra mile to bring value. Alpha EMC is skilled and capable in meeting the ongoing needs of our customers. We are a full scope professional services company that believes in integrity, client focus and going the extra mile to bring valuable solutions. Alpha EMC supports efficiency, teamwork, ingenuity, creativity, and “out of the box” ideas in order to bring valuable to solutions to ever changing needs.
AM Technical Solutions is the leading, worldwide provider of on-site engineering, technical, project management and logistical services to high-tech industries, advanced process-based manufacturing, R&D labs, and universities.
At Anutra Medical, we believe that a patient experience and a practitioner’s efficiency are closely linked. We have set out to revolutionize the delivery of local anesthetics by utilizing science and innovation to bring to the market a ground-breaking product. We intend to enhance a patient’s visit by reducing pain and shortening procedure time. Meanwhile, we believe that we can help increase efficiency, predictability and profitability for dentists around the world.
Apollo is a debit card that rewards users with stock. Every swipe earns guaranteed fractional shares and a chance to win big with a full share.
ArenaCX is the marketplace platform and marketplace connecting brands with outsourced labor providers. We make it easy for brands to find, manage and optimize their outsourcing relationships which enables them to take a multi-vendor approach to outsourcing, providing resiliency, scalability and performance they wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise. Underlying our marketplace is a robust software platform that enables performance management across partners in real-time. In short, ArenaCX is the modern way to outsource.
Basesix is a technology integrator. With a broad brush, we take buildings, campuses, and environments and make them safer, smarter, and simple. We do that by combining our people and their talents with products designed for a purpose. Our customers supply the need or desire, and we take it from there. Basesix sounds like “basics”, and its not a mistake. Our experience has taught us that bigger isn’t always better, and in many cases the basics get lost when company processes get in the way. Innovation, imagination and problem solving become non existent, because there is a pre-defined process for most all situations that has to be followed.
Camp Gladiator’s mission is to positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible. Founded in 2008 in Dallas, Texas by American Gladiator Grand Champion, Ally Davidson, Camp Gladiator (CG) is one of the fastest-growing fitness addictions on the planet dedicated to transforming lives through dynamic, fun, and challenging outdoor and virtual group workouts led by Certified Personal Trainers who operate their own independent CG franchise. CG focuses on the power of community to motivate and push individuals. The CG community is truly Better Together.
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Simply Better Lawn Care. When customers choose Canopy, they choose a better lawn care experience. Call or Txt today! (888) 226-4769
Giving can be complicated and filled with unnecessary fees and steps, creating a burden for businesses, individuals and charities. Charityvest was founded in 2016 on the belief that generosity doesn’t have to be hard and should be an enjoyable experience. Our platform offers individuals and employees tax-deductible giving accounts, making it simple for everyone to be generous. Whether you are looking for a workplace giving solution or personally want to create an account for your own giving, Charityvest can help.
We built Cladwell to help you think differently about clothes. We envision a new era where having a capsule wardrobe is the norm. We dream of showing the world a better way to live by showing them a better way to dress.